University Wi-Fi Supported Services

Staff, students and visitors connected to the guest networks (eduroam, UoR-Guest, and the wired plug-in ports) have open access to the Internet after authenticating to the network, either via IEEE 802.1x protocol (for eduroam), or via a web-based captive portal (for UoR-Guest, and the wired plug-in ports).

Services only available to registered University users

If you have logged in with valid University of Reading staff, student or contractor credentials, access to certain University servers is available via the following protocols:

  • Windows file sharing (CIFS / SMB): Gives access to your N: drive and collaborative shares, as well as selected other file shares.
  • Internet Printing Protocol (IPP): Allows you to print to selected printers from the Wi-Fi network.
  • Line Printer Protocol (LPR): Allows you to print to selected printers from the Wi-Fi network.
  • Secure Shell (SSH): Allows secure terminal access to selected department and central Linux / UNIX servers.

Please note that additional authentication is required for many of these services; in most cases this will be your standard University username and password.

Restricted services

For security reasons, it is necessary to block all inbound connections, as well as the following outbound connections:

Name Ports and Protocols Description
SMTP TCP 25 Legacy email transmission
6to4 tunnels* IP 41 IPv6 transition support
Microsoft RPC TCP / UDP 135 Microsoft remote procedure calls
Microsoft SQL Server TCP 1433 and 1434 Microsoft databases
CIFS / SMB TCP 139 and 445 Windows file sharing
Teredo* UDP 3544 IPv6 transition support
TFTP UDP 69 Network device management
SNMP UDP 161 and 162 Network device management

* IPv6 tunnel services should not be required, as eduroam at all University of Reading sites is dual-stack IPv6 enabled.

Having problems?

If you require further assistance, please contact the IT service desk.

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