Generic Settings

This page contains the list of generic settings that can be used to try to connect unsupported devices to the eduroam wireless network. Please be aware that IT Services are regrettably unable to assist with connecting devices for which we do not have explicit instructions or connection wizards.

Please note: The network, realm, identities, username and password are case sensitive.

  Correct value
Network name / SSID eduroam
Network mode Infrastructure
Wireless security / Network Authentication WPA2 Enterprise
Data encryption / Encryption mode AES
Pre-shared key / network key If you are asked for this, either your Wireless security setting choice is incorrect, or your device is not capable of connecting to eduroam. Your device must support WPA2 Enterprise in order to connect.
EAP type / outer method PEAP / Protected EAP / PEAPv0 / Tunneled-TLS / TTLS
EAP inner method / Authentication method / Phase 2 authentication MS-CHAPv2 / EAP-MSCHAPv2 / MSCHAPv2
User certificate Must be left blank
CA Certificate / Certificate Authority / Trusted Root CA AddTrust External CA Root
Download as CRT or DER format
Validate server certificate Yes
Server name / Trusted servers
Username For staff: Your University username, followed by
For students: Your University username, followed by
Domain Leave blank
Realm Leave blank
Password Your University password
All other settings Leave at default values, or leave blank.

Device-specific notes:

Nokia N9x / N900: You need to configure the wireless network manually, don't scan for networks.

Palm TX: If WPA2 Enterprise is not listed in the wireless security options choice, you will need to install the Palm Enterprise Security Update before attempting to configure your device to connect to eduroam.


If you cannot connect, check that:

  • The wireless functionality in your computer is enabled.
  • You are at a location with good signal strength.
  • You have remembered to add to the end of your username.
  • You are typing your University password correctly.
  • You have installed all available firmware and software updates and patches for your device.

These settings will only work if you have a University of Reading username - if you are from a different organisation, you will need to refer to your home organisation for the correct instructions.

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