Connect Windows XP SP3

These instructions explain how to connect a Windows XP SP3 computer to the eduroam wireless network.

Important: If you have previously used our "easy installer" to configure your system to connect to eduroam, you must remove it and delete your eduroam network profile before continuing.

  1. Ensure you have updated your system to Windows XP Service Pack 3 or later.
  2. Ensure you have installed the Update for Root Certificates [May 2013] (KB931125).
  3. Download and run the Windows XP SP3 setup wizard.
    You may be prompted to accept a number of changes to your system, it is important to allow all these changes to be made.
  4. As part of the installation, you will be asked for a username and password:

    Installation window

    If you are a member of staff, your username is your University username with on the end (e.g.
    If you are a student, your username is your email address (e.g.
    The password is your University password.
  5. Once installation has completed, choose eduroam from the list of Wi-Fi networks on your computer.


If you cannot connect, check that:

  • The wireless functionality in your computer is enabled.
  • You are at a location with good signal strength.
  • If you are a member of staff, you have remembered to add to the end of your username.
  • If you are a student, you are using your email address as your username.
  • You are typing your University password correctly.
  • You have installed all available driver updates for your Wi-Fi adapter and all applicable Windows Updates, including Windows XP Service Pack 3.

These instructions will only work if you have a University of Reading username - if you are from a different organisation, you will need to refer to your home organisation for the correct instructions.

If you require further assistance, please contact the IT service desk.

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